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What are the Benefits of Google My Business?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

People turn to Google multiple times a day to search for information to make their lives easier. In the current time where Google not only is a noun but also used as a verb since searching on this website is so universal people use “just Google it!” Google has developed a way for businesses to stand out: Google My Business. Whether through maps, search result or query, billions of searches are made each day through Google which means that a large audience can see your Google My Business profile. With that being said, improving how your business appears on Google can have a huge impact.


GMB (Google My Business) is free business listing on the internet, which would put your business in front of many potential consumers. Your GMB listing will give your potential customers easy access to your location, phone number, hours of operation, website, and even visuals of what your business may look like.

Google Search & Map Visibility

One of the biggest benefits of your profile on GMB is the prime real estate it can occupy search results. When you perform a Google search, the first three listings are reserved for Google Adwords advertisements or known as “paid search” then the organic results will follow with those who have a complete and optimized listing.

Boost your Clientele with Reviews

Whether you love it or hate it, reviews are an influential factor when potential clients are making a purchasing decision. 90% or more customers read online reviews to evaluate the quality of the business and most clients will choose the product or service with the highest reviews.

Your current clients will be leaving reviews for your business and most potential customers will decide whether to buy or use your service based on what others are saying about your business. It is important for you to encourage all your customers to leave reviews to build up credibility. You can also improve your rating by responding to reviews.

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